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Songwriters Guild of America Announces That Negotiated Changes

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Proposed changes to the Music Modernization Act would give greater representation to music creators and independent publishers seeking a voice in how they are paid. (PRNewsfoto/)

Songwriters Guild of America Announces That Negotiated Changes to Music Modernization Act Enable Endorsement of Bill’s Passage

Music Publishing Industry Support for Small Claims Act Also Secure

The Songwriters Guild of America, the largest and longest-established music creator organization in the United States, today announced it has negotiated changes to the pending Music Modernization Act (HR 4706) that will enable it to support passage of the legislation.  Among the agreed-upon amendments to the bill are:

  • the doubling of and representation on the board of directors of the Mechanical Licensing Collective established by the Act;
  • the re-alignment of an Unclaimed Royalties Oversight Committee that will now have a 50/50 music creator and music publisher balance; and
  • clarifications to the payments sections that will make it easier for music creators to get the full benefits of their negotiated publishing agreements as applied to the distribution of what the bill refers to as “unclaimed” funds by music publishers.

As part of the discussions leading to changes in the Music Modernization Act, the US music publisher community has also pledged to lend its full support on Capitol Hill to SGA’s efforts to secure quick passage of the pending Copyright Alternative in Small-Claims Enforcement (CASE) Act of 2017 (HR 3945). CASE will provide music creators with a much-needed alternative to expensive copyright infringement actions against unlicensed users of their music.

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